July 20, 2024
Top Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health as a New Parent

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

CassandreBeccai | Top Tips to Maintain Your Mental Health as a New Parent | A happy mother is a happy child. Do you know this phrase? It is very true. The mother’s mental condition affects the baby’s condition. However, the father’s role is also extremely important. Parenthood, although a special adventure, is also an emotional effort. It means being in constant contact, in a close relationship. Constantly staying alert to someone else’s needs and making a big change to your current life. All this may mean that young parents must take special care of themselves to maintain their well-being.

How can you take care of yourself and your mental health as a young parent? Here are some tips.

Minimize Challenges

Taking care of an infant is an engaging and demanding job. It is very likely that you often lack the resources to cope with everyday challenges, not to mention investing in personal or professional development. If you have the opportunity and want to develop: take advantage of it! However, if you don’t feel the need or don’t have the appropriate support: let it go. Children grow quickly, you will return to your activities in some time. Raising a little human is a big enough challenge, you don’t have to take on others at this time.

Delegate Childcare

There is a lot of talk about the uniqueness of the relationship between mother and child. It’s true, this relationship is unique. However, it shouldn’t be the only one. Children need different relationships, so delegate care whenever possible! Ask a friend to take your baby for a walk, ask grandma if she will play with her grandson for a while, and rely on your partner. Whether you breastfeed or give your little one baby formula, it’s not a big deal to prepare a portion of infant food for your baby and leave it for an hour or two.

Some mothers fall into the trap of thinking “I can do it best.” Remember that if someone takes care of your child differently, it does not necessarily mean “worse.” The child will benefit from a new face, a new voice, and new antics. And for you, it will be a moment of rest.

Don’t Give Up On Your Pleasures

Think about what you enjoyed before you became a young parent. You can probably do most of these things as a mother or father. It may require some organization or creativity, but it’s worth it! We need pleasure to relax, de-stress, and recharge.

Don’t Forget About Your Sleep and Nutrition

Getting enough sleep with a baby is often difficult, and sometimes even impossible. But let’s remember: sleep and diet affect our mental condition. Make sure you eat balanced meals. They don’t have to be fancy, it’s enough for them to be nutritious. If your infant is not sleeping well and is making it difficult for you to get enough sleep, try:

  • going to bed earlier;
  • not using screens 2 hours before bed;
  • taking at least a fifteen-minute nap during the day.

And remember, even the most persistent children will eventually sleep the whole night!

Look For Social Support

Make sure to keep in touch with old friends or look for new ones. Social support is incredibly important. Being able to talk about what you’re going through can reduce your tension and allow you to look at something from a different perspective. Moreover, many mothers and fathers say that one of the most difficult things about parenthood for them is boredom and routine. No wonder, even the most interesting book gets boring faster for an adult than a child. A conversation with an adult is often worth its weight in gold in early parenthood.

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to be a perfect mother or father. It’s natural that you will have difficult moments. Remember, however, that they do not define your parenthood. If you fall into the trap of self-criticism or start blaming yourself for something, STOP! Neither your child nor you need your feeling of guilt. Taking care of yourself during early parenthood may not be easy, but it is very important. Therefore, do not forget about yourself.

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash